Happy New Year - Hello 2021!!!


Mike is a motor industry ‘lifer’ with more than 20 years sales and marketing experience.  He loves his big block Harley just as much as his first bike (Suzuki GT200 two-stroke) but age, dimensions and mortality means he rides a little slower these days. Mike steers the UB ship but is closely monitored as he is prone to distraction by shiny things!


Company Director, public relations expert and former motor industry sales wooer. An academic sabbatical and career change has taken Delia to the halls of parliament as private secretary to a Cabinet Minister. Her stress release is on two wheels making a lot of 1200cc noise and scaring the neighbours.


 Needing a sharp brain, social media expertise and a Mr. Fix it - Jordan fitted the brief perfectly along with direct connectivity to the ‘unexplained universe' of the millennial demographic. Full of youthful enthusiasm, with a calm head, he is our IT guy with an aptitude for engines and a high revving work rate! 



Finlay is the site architect, style consultant and was a key contributor to getting us to ‘go live’. He established our platform, secured domains, social handles and is often behind the lens for our photo and video images.

Mack isn’t built like a truck these days but he does have a bark to scare off passing traffic. This much loved aging team member is more of a mascot than a major contributor but can always be relied on to wake the team early in the morning to get the day rolling. 

Molly is the office junior and occasional demolition expert. She is a smart cookie but can’t be relied on for too much, so early in her career, except playing the clown and delivering endless cuddles no matter if you want them or not.  




UrbanBiker is an online retail store specialising in safe, stylish and high-quality clothing and accessory brands for road bike and scooter riders in New Zealand. We are passionate motorbike riders and love nothing more whether it’s a short commute to work or belting down the road when we have a few spare hours. Traffic can be hectic out there but the freedom you get on two wheels can be liberating whether there's gridlock across the city or open roads ahead.

We recognise that every biker has different needs. Some like to saddle up for a big day out while others are happy just getting to the next café and enjoying a catch up with friends. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got them covered.

We are believers in local supply. Dealing with a kiwi business means you don’t have the worry of what to do if your purchase doesn’t quite fit when it arrives. Simply return the item to us within 21 days in new condition and we will replace it with the correct size (free of charge). No problem!

How did we start? The idea came from talking to friends, family and colleagues and thinking about our own good and not so good experiences with online purchasing. Together with a love for motorcycling and a wish to apply our experiences to a family business – UrbanBiker was born.


We have carefully selected brands, which we love, have a extensive product range and which complement each other nicely. This offers you a great choice of styles, to meet your every motorcycling need, while ensuring all our products meet strict safety standards.

Our vision is to get you fitted with the best gear to match what you do on two wheels. We promise not to compromise on safety, ensure you are happy with the comfort and fit and get you the gear as quickly as we humanly can. That’s the UrbanBiker Fit-Form-Fast commitment!