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Urban Bites Rewards

What is Urban Bites?

Urban Bites is a programme which rewards you for joining the URBANBIKER community. It’s easy to understand, simple to earn Urban Bites Rewards and makes good shopping sense!

To sign up for the programme

  1. Click the (White Star “Urban Bites Rewards”) button at the bottom right of the page now
  2. Click “Join Now” and complete “Create Account” creating a password and your email address, then
  3. Click “Sign Up” and you’re ready to go!

Once complete you will automatically get for your first FREE allocation of Urban Bites Rewards. It's that simple!

So how do I earn more Urban Bites?

You can earn ‘Bites’ (points) when you:

  • Join the Urban Bites for your FREE 'kick start' (750 Bites)!
  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Like our page on Facebook, or
  • Shop with us – every dollar you spend earns you Bites (currently 5 Bites for every $1 spent), and
  • From time to time we may also offer you a special reward of extra Bites – just because!

What can I do with the ‘Bites’ I earn?

  • Spend them!
  • Yes – keep gathering Bites you will earn enough to receive a reward e.g. discount code. This can be redeemed on your next purchase or you can save it to get to the next ’Bites’ target to receive even more rewards.

What are the targets and rewards?

The rewards are substantial and Bites can accumulate. Only one discount code can be used with any purchase.

Reward Target (Bites) Discount Code
2000  $20
5000  $55
10000  $125


Any other benefits?

Yep. When you sign up you also gain access free returns and exchanges for size. If you sign up prior to your first order we'll pop a free returns courier label in with your item just in case the size or style isn't quite right. 

So what do I do next?

Start collecting! If you got any questions or queries – please contact us:

0800 BIKERS (245377)

Please note: URBANBIKER NZ may change the way you collect points and the rewards on offer from time to time.