Men's Essentials Kit

We've pulled together a great selection of quality gear to get you moving safely on two wheels. Whether you are new to motorcycling, getting back into riding, or just feel like a change, we've got you covered with the 'Essentials'. The Essentials Kit is designed to help meet your riding needs by giving you easy options at one price. Whether you enjoy long distance, local riding, road bike or scooter, now you can select the right gear to match your ride from only $739 (OR 4 easy payments of $184.75 on Afterpay). 

Follow the steps by choosing one from each option to build your own Essentials bundle. Please ensure you check the size charts for each option to get your best fit:  

  1. Select your Jacket (below) including your size
  2. Select your Helmet (face or open face). It's recommended you measure around your head about one inch (2.5 cm) above your eyebrows. Match this measurement to the size chart
  3. Finally select your Gloves

Please note stock of Essentials Kits is strictly limited and subject to availability. If you have any queries or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us by phone, message or email.

If you like the Kit but want to select other options from our site we will help you to tailor a solution to meet your requirements and your budget.