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Helmet Fitting Guide - find the perfect fit

January 29, 2020 1 Comment

We all know that wearing a correctly sized helmet is extremely important from a safety perspective and for comfort. Whether you’re new to two wheels or looking to upgrade your helmet, check out these top tips.

Base measurement

Get your hands on a cloth tape measure (used for sewing) then use the size guide to find out which size would be best for you. This base measurement gives you a starting place in a helmet range. In-between sizes? The rule of thumb is if you can get it on don’t go up in size. Some brands offer different size cheek pads too to ensure you get the most comfortable fit.

Try it on

Pulling the chin straps wide apart will squash the foam inside the cheek pads, making it easier to slip the helmet over your head without getting stuck. While it may look like the right size on the chart - helmet shapes often vary between brands (much like shoes). Some brands offer a larger range of shell sizes which can help you find a more exact fit. 

Note: If you can pull the helmet on without having to pull the chin straps apart – it’s most likely too big!

TOP TIP: The easiest way to get your helmet on is to put it over the back of your head first, not directly over the top. The back of your head is the largest area to get your helmet over, so starting there and work the helmet forward - rather than straight down – it’s much easier.

Check for gaps in the padding

Once the helmet is on, it’s important that the foam all around the head is compressed - this shows that the helmet fits properly in all areas. Check there’s no excessive clearance between your head and the padding in key areas of the helmet, such as the cheeks and across the forehead.

Make sure there’s no wiggle room

For the perfect fit, the helmet should feel snug and secure but not uncomfortable. Try and wiggle the helmet from side to side and lift the back - if it’s the right fit, then the helmet shouldn’t move too freely or lift away from the head when pulled.

TOP TIP: Bear in mind that helmet sizes vary across the style and make of helmet, so make sure to check out a few different styles to find the perfect fit for you.

  • Fasten your chin straps so it is snug with your mouth closed (and is uncomfortable to open your mouth). Grab the helmet with both hands and try to move it forwards, backwards and side to side. If your skin isn’t moving in line with of the helmet – it’s too big!
  • Then grab the helmet in the rear at the base and try and pull the helmet forward on your head. Now try the opposite and pull the helmet from the front pulling it up over your chin. If the helmet comes off your head either way – it’s too big!
  • Check your helmet chin strap is tight from time to time while riding. If lose immediately stop and tighten it up before continuing.

Some helmets offer a wider field of vision than others. Always check you have adequate vision with your helmet fitted firmly in position – this is very important to maintain your safety. Also ensure you adjust your rear vision mirrors to maintain good peripheral vision.

Buying a new helmet is a big investment. Still unsure? Give us a call 0800 BIKERS, drop us an email or DM and we'll do our best to help.

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